Crabapple Kitchen – Glenferrie Road, Hawthorn

Before you read on, make sure you check out my post on breakfast at the Crabapple Kitchen. Not only for the food but for more on the cafe :)

After many delightful visits for brunch, we decided to pop in mid-week to try out their lunch menu. I had seen some really great options, and was keen to taste some of the dishes!

As usual, PG is quite happy for me to decide on what we start with. Which is good and bad. Not good when there are too many great options, and I can’t make a decision :s This was one of those times, so we ended up getting two small plates to start with. I couldn’t choose between the ‘Tuna & broccoli croquettes with smoked tuna dust, sweet corn puree and salted ricotta’ and the ‘Spiced duck meatballs with ‘big cous cous’, tahini, pomegranate, mint and soft feta’. Both just sounded too good to pass up. We’ve come here a few times now, and the service has always been top notch, so when our meals took longer than what is normally ‘acceptable’ to come out, we weren’t too fussed. Although, if this was our first visit, I probably would have been a little less than impressed. They did however apologise a few times, and it’s so cosy and comfortable, you just don’t mind.

Eventually our shared plates came to our table, and they looked so delicious! I couldn’t wait to dig in. And with each bite, both dishes definitely did not disappoint. Even PG kept commenting on how delicious it was. We really mopped up every bit of sauce. The croquettes were perfectly crisp on the outside, and just so gooey on the inside, without being too rich. And the duck meat balls were so moist and full of flavour, matched so well with the lightness of the pomegranate, tahini, mint and feta.

Tuna & broccoli croquettes with smoked tuna dust, sweet corn puree and salted ricotta

Spiced duck meatballs with ‘big cous cous’, tahini, pomegranate, mint and soft feta

For my main, I couldn’t go past the ‘Wurrook Superfine Merino ’12 hour’ with semolina & sage gnocchi, almonds and Taleggio cheese’. Having just come back from New Zealand, I was still lusting after their beautiful lamb, and also the fact it was coupled with the semolina and sage gnocchi, it all sounded too good to not to choose. PG chose the ‘Glenloth Game chicken schnitzel in Parmesan crumbs with mushrooms, tomato & crispy rosemary’ which sounded like a fancy chicken parmigiana to me :)

Again, our meals took a while to come out, but it was good because we needed the time to digest our starters, which were quite filling. When they did arrive, presentation again did not disappoint.  PG immediately got stuck in, as he was pretty hungry by this point, and immediately commented on how delicious it was. I had a bite, but was definitely happier with my choice (always a good feeling when you don’t have dish envy! hehe) The lamb just melted in my mouth as I took the first bite, as you would expect from meat that’s been patiently roasted for 12 hours! The sauce was delicious, just a tad salty, but not too much that it ruined the dish. I also would have liked a little more gnocchi, within a few bites I had eaten it all, and was just left with the lamb…probably would recommend ordering a side of veggies as well, but it is a very filling meal. Those negatives aside, I still really enjoyed my dish :)

Wurrook Superfine Merino ’12 hour’ with semolina & sage gnocchi, almonds and Taleggio cheese

Glenloth Game chicken schnitzel in Parmesan crumbs with mushrooms, tomato & crispy rosemary

As per usual, despite the fact that we were so full, we still had to check out their dessert menu…of course, dessert is a different stomach hehe :p We decided to go for the lightest sounding option on the menu, and went with the ”Buttermilk, vanilla and white chocolate panacotta with a splash of Italian Amaretto’. This was a difficult choice, as every dessert sounded amazing, enough to make me come back for just a dessert and coffee one day to try them :) Our waitress asked us if we were ok with Italian Amaretto, which of course was ok. I assumed from that question that the liquor would be quite a prominent flavour. When it came out, it looked so pretty and delicate. With little jewels of cranberry sprinkled over. The Ameretto came out in a little bottle, which she poured over a little bit, and left the rest for us to use if we desired more. After taking one bite, we both agreed to pour the rest of the bottle over. The almond flavour of the liquor went so well with light flavour of the panacotta, definitely recommend not saying no to this little addition. After a few bites however, PG was full. He didn’t love the dessert either, which didn’t bother me in the slightest…more for me! :D and I actually really liked it. He’s not much of a panacotta fan as I am, so that’s probably why.

Buttermilk, vanilla and white chocolate panacotta with a splash of Italian Amaretto

The Verdict

Our experience here was again very enjoyable. Despite our meals taking a while to come out, the service of the staff make up for it, as well as the well-presented food, the atmosphere of the place…and not to mention all our meals being of a very good standard. Another reminder to check out my post on brunch at the Crabapple Kitchen, because it’s well worth a try as well!

Crabapple Kitchen
659 Glenferrie Rd
Hawthorn,VIC 3122

03 9078 5492

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