Goldilocks – Stanley Place, Hawthorn East

I’ve always appreciated living in Hawthorn for the variety of cafes and restaurants, however I’m noticing the standard in options for brunch spots has somewhat increased this year. There are definitely some new great options opening up that have the atmosphere, as well as some interesting menu options.

So one lazy Sunday morning, PG and I decided to check out Goldilocks. The cafe is situated behind Firechief, which have some awesome woodfire pizzas, highly recommend!

Walking in it has a very relaxed atmosphere and quite spacious. We didn’t have to wait for a table, which is a great thing, but can also be a sign of how popular a local brunch spot currently is. Especially since there are a few other local places that inevitably, no matter what time you go, end up having at least a 5-10 min wait for a table.

I didn’t take any photos of the whole area, except for getting a little ‘artistic’ with the floral arrangement at our table. You can see the cute yellow windows that really brighten up the place :)

Service was warm and attentive. We ordered our coffees shortly after we were seated, and we didn’t have to wait too long for them to arrive. PG and I were not big fans of the coffee. There was something about the taste that we didn’t quite like. I couldn’t figure out if it was how it was made, or if it was just the type of coffee used, but it wasn’t to our liking unfortunately.

The menu definitely looked intriguing, with some unique options to choose from. The option I most wanted to try, the ‘panko crumbed poached egg with shaved asparagus and miso puree’ looked delicious, but didn’t sound like it would be anywhere near enough to fill me up.  I had wanted to come here in particular to try their 62.5 degree sous vide poached eggs, which to me sounds like these guys know how to do it perfectly. So I opted for the ‘poached eggs with ocean trout, buttermilk blini, adelaide hills goats curd and beetroot relish’. PG as usual didn’t want anything out of his normal big breakfast, so he made up his own with sausages, bacon and scrambled eggs on toast. Although their ‘big breakfast’ option on the menu did look really good too…’Jupiter’s big breakfast: eggs your way with grilled pancetta, field mushrooms, roasted tomato, spinach, crumbed feta and basil pesto’.

When my dish came out, I thought presentation was pretty good. I just couldn’t wait to cut into my poached egg to see how perfectly it was cooked, and to see the yolk oozing out (my mouth is watering as I’m writing this :P) And surely enough it did…ahh yolk porn! :D

poached eggs with ocean trout, buttermilk blini, adelaide hills goats curd and beetroot relish

Perfectly cooked 62.5 sous vide poached eggs :)

The Verdict

Although it was a great atmosphere with warm and attentive staff, we weren’t big fans of the coffee, and my dish lacked a lot of flavour. I was definitely impressed with how perfectly cooked my poached eggs were, and the different options on the menu. But when eating my dish, it wasn’t the best. The blinis were very bland, which would have been ok if the other items had more flavour, which they didn’t. And my ocean trout tasted very fishy. I was disappointed, as I did expect a lot more.

Goldilocks Cafe
169 Camberwell Road
Hawthorn East, VIC 3123

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