Prospect Espresso – Prospect Hill Rd, Camberwell

I happened to stumble across this great new place, as I walked past a few times on my way to our local Woolworths. I had it in the back of my mind to try for a few weeks, and then one Sunday PG and I decided to go out for a casual lunch. I checked out their menu online, and was impressed with how reasonably priced their lunch options were, and also how great they sounded, so off we went.

It’s a very small cafe, but they have made use of the space so well. Funky design, and large communal tables, attracting more of a younger clientele. Which can be hard to find in Hawthorn at times. PG and I immediately felt comfortable here.

Loved how the Barista was so focused in on creating his intricate coffee art :)

Judging by the name, and also the reviews I read before we came here, this place is known for it’s coffee. And it definitely did not disappoint. Smooth, delicious coffee, and I loved the cute teal mugs they came out in..striking colour! Wouldn’t mind some of these for myself :)

As we had walked in, I caught PG eyeing a burger that a guy was eating sitting at the window, so I didn’t need to guess what he was going to order :) I wasn’t too hungry, so I decided to go for something light and opted for their ‘Beetroot salad, goats cheese, rye & caraway’, while PG ordered the ‘Prospects Burger – House minced beef, bacon, cheese, pickles, lettuce, chips & aioli ‘.

Presentation was definitely impressive, check out my salad! The picture speaks for itself.  All their dishes come out on a wooden board, which I always love. It was definitely light on, but still delicious. If you’re hungry, this definitely would not fill you up. It was just perfect for me at the time though. PG’s burger and chips looked so good! I could tell he was really enjoying it, and there was not a crumb left on his ‘wooden board’ at the end. He likened it to eating ‘dude food’, which you would probably relate to if you saw that episode on Masterchef. In other words, it’s a burger made for a man :)

Beetroot salad, goats cheese, rye & caraway

Prospects Burger – House minced beef, bacon, cheese, pickles, lettuce, chips & aioli

The Verdict

Prospect Espresso has only been open a few months, and I think they’re onto something good here. I will definitely be adding this place to our list of go-to local spots. I have to make another visit to try their breakfast menu as well. So happy to see places like this opening up in the area…great coffee, well presented and delicious food, very friendly staff, and a funky fit out. Usually we’d have to travel out of Hawthorn, Camberwell to have this vibe and younger clientele. Definitely recommend you try this place if you’re in the area. And oh yeah, added bonus is that it’s all very reasonably priced! :)

Prospect Espresso
2a Prospect Hill Rd
Camberwell, VIC 3124

Prospect Espresso on Urbanspoon

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