Bacash – Domain Road, South Yarra

So I have a pretty big back log of posts, and this one is way back in the list! So unfortunately my memory is quite hazy, and I didn’t take photos of the entree (sad face), so I can’t comment on what we had, since I don’t have the photo to jog my ‘taste memory’ of the dish. We ordered the “Grilled Sea Scallops – Slow roasted pork belly, Jerusalem artichoke hommus and pistashio crumbs” I did take photos of our mains and dessert..phew! So here’s the wrap up..

We ended up venturing to Bacash in South Yarra on a random ‘date night’. Only knowing we wanted to go somewhere that was fairly close by, I referred to the trusty Good Food Age Guide to make a decision. Mainly because it was last minute on a Saturday night, and they were pretty much the only ones who had availability for us.

The Verdict

It’s unfortunate to say that the service and the atmosphere in this restaurant were a let down on the night. It felt cold where we were seated, just at the entrance to the restaurant. Further in it looked a little more cosy, but I can only comment on my experience. I thought the service was not very attentive, and our waitress was really not the friendliest of people. The food however was very tasty. I thoroughly enjoyed my dish, and thought the balance of the mediterranean flavours was perfect -sweet, nutty and fresh. PG enjoyed his duck, and thought it was cooked perfectly. A good selection of wines as well. Unfortunately I didn’t feel our overall experience was enough to bring me back, especially since it is on the pricey end of the scale, and didn’t feel the atmosphere and service justified our bill at the end of the night. Hopefully others have had better dining experiences here.

175 Domain Rd
South Yarra, VIC 3141

Bacash on Urbanspoon

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