Señoritas – Meyers Place, Melbourne

Random mid-week date night with PG saw us exploring Señoritas in the city after work :)

As the name suggests, Señoritas is a mexican restaurant and bar.

(excuse the quality of the photos, taken with my iphone)




corn chips

prawn taco


pork taco





The Verdict

We arrived with no booking, and the wait staff were very accommodating and friendly. They give you complimentary corn chips to start which was a nice touch, which you eat with the salsa that come in bottles on the table, with each one varying in level of ‘hotness’ . This is a neat idea, as when they describe how hot each dish is, they use these sauces as a gauge.

Overall I thought the flavours were very authentic, and a couple of the dishes we ordered were delicious. In particular the lamb, the prawn taco and the fish taco we had at the end. Having been to a few Mexican places in the last few weeks, I can’t say it was the best of the lot, but not disappointing either. Another element that sets Senoritas apart from it’s Melbourne Mexican competition, is the fact that it has more of a classy atmosphere, and in my opinion actually quite romantic :)

16 Meyers Place
Melbourne, VIC 3000

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