Percy’s Aeroplane – Denmark St, Kew

Yay! It’s the long weekend! :D Words cannot express how good it feels to wake up on a Monday morning and know that you have no plans and nothing to worry about other than…’where shall we go for brunch today??” –  which is a little bit of a stressful decision for me given how many places I want to try.

PG and I were in Sydney on the weekend to surprise my brother for his 30th and only arrived back late Sunday night. I think we’re suffering from a seriously bad ‘weekend brunch addiction’, because all we could think about while we were in Sydney was waking up on Monday morning and going for our weekly brunch outing!

Percy’s Aeroplane was top of my list this morning as I was in the mood for a good cup of coffee, and something a little bit different for brunch. This quaint, cosy cafe is known in the area for it’s seriously good coffee, and boy did it not disappoint.




The coffee was deliciously smooth and just beautiful. As soon as I finished I was craving my next cup…but I decided to not be greedy and at least wait till after I had actually had something to eat first!


Craving something a little different for brunch, I decided to stay away from the safe option I normally would have chosen, which did look delicious – ‘Thyme infused mushrooms on toast, smashed avocado, lime dressing, dukkah, creamy goats cheese & a poached egg’. Instead I ordered their signature dish, and I’m so glad I did! Normally I’m not a huge fan of potato, so I was pleasantly surprised out how tasty the herb potato rosti was in this dish. It went really well with the smoked ocean trout and the creamy dill dressing really lifted the dish to the richness that it needed. I highly recommend trying this if you do visit.

Smoked Buxton Trout on herb potato rosti, baby spinach, poached egg & dill dressing

Smoked Buxton Trout on herb potato rosti, baby spinach, poached egg & dill dressing


mmm…how can you resist??

Pilot's breakfast - Fried eggs, sliced bacon, chorizo, mushrooms, spinach & roast tomato on toast

Pilot’s breakfast – Fried eggs, sliced bacon, chorizo, mushrooms, spinach & roast tomato on toast

PG really enjoyed his usual big breafast, Percy’s style. He even went out of his way to tell me without me having to ask him, which means it must have been good!  The menu says no variations, and PG doesn’t like his eggs any way other than scrambled. So he initially wasn’t sure what he was going to order on the menu since the Pilot’s Breakfast came with fried eggs. However our waitress was just lovely and said it wasn’t a problem to have his eggs scrambled. A nice change compared to some other cafes we’ve visited that don’t give you even a polite ‘no’ when you ask if there is any chance to just scramble some eggs instead of poach them.

Finishing our meals I quickly ordered my second coffee :)


The Verdict

This cafe is an absolute local gem, and I’m so glad we finally managed to experience their great coffee, warm service and cosy atmosphere. PG and I are definitely going to be back, and we don’t say that often about new local cafes that we try. Worth coming out to try as well if you’re not in the area.

96 Denmark St
Kew, VIC 3101

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